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A selection of the most frequently asked questions I get as a wedding photographer.

I can't list all questions you might have, so please don't hesitate to contact me with any specific questions.

  • Will we receive the pictures in high resolution?
    Yes, you get all the finished photos in high resolution. Neatly delivered in a beautiful online gallery.
  • When will we receive the finished photos?
    Very soon. I will send you a preview with photos of some highlights of your wedding day as soon as possible. You will have all finished photos within 10 working days of the wedding.
  • What if your camera breaks down during the wedding?
    No reason to panic. I always have several cameras and lenses with me. There are also two cards in each camera that I use to back up immediately. That way, nothing can really go wrong with your wedding photos.
  • Do you also sell photo albums?
    Yes. There are plenty of options for this. There is definitely a version that will completely suit your style.
  • Do you have a drone?
    Yes, I have a drone, and we can definitely use it when we can during your wedding day.
  • We don't like to pose in front of the camera, how can we work on that?
    Almost every couple told me beforehand that they don't like being in front of the lens. And time and time again, I get to hear afterwards that they have never felt more at ease. That's because I choose not to force you to pose. You just stay your in love selves and everything will be fine. No stress!
  • Do you have a photobooth?
    Yes, this can be provided for your wedding party. All photos taken are also available digitally after the wedding and will be added to your private online gallery.
  • Can you provide a second photographer?
    Through my large network of colleagues, I can always ask someone to help out for a few hours or the whole day. Especially applicable with a very large number of attendees during the wedding day.
  • Can you also film during the wedding?
    For this I will need a second person who will assist me. It is very difficult to both photograph and film the various important moments of your wedding. I personally give the briefing to the additional videographer and provide the proper, non-interfering set-up for both fixed cameras and the videographer who will be walking around. This way we can create a dynamic wedding video.
  • Do we provide food for you during the wedding day?
    That would be lovely :) I occasionally take the time to have a quick drink and meal in between snapping pictures. I also take that opportunity to photograph the tasty dishes and special drinks as well.
  • Are you also traveling for a wedding outside of Belgium?
    Yes. Whether it is a big party abroad or an intimate wedding in an idyllic spot far away from civilization. I will be happy to make you a customized offer for this.

Couldn't find an answer to all of your wedding photography questions?

Ask me anything through the contact page.

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