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Getting married during winter - why having a winter wedding is a good idea

Winter wedding tips

Engaged couples wish for bright blue skies and warm weather during their wedding day. But have you ever considered a winter wedding? A wedding should not necessarily take place during the summer months, after all winter is the most magical time of the year. In this blogpost, we would like to share why you should choose for a winter wedding. 


Nowadays, winters aren't always winters we're hoping for. Even though we can't always count on a winter with snow, this is no reason why you shouldn't plan a winter wedding. Getting married during the summer months doesn't guarantee good weather either, so why not consider a winter wedding?

A cozy winter wedding 

Whether you invite 150 people or choose to keep it small with your closest family and friends, it will be as cozy. But much depends on the wedding location. It is obvious that a room with a wooden floor will give a warmer feeling. Or how about an open fireplace?


If your winter wedding takes place partly outdoors, don't forget to provide fleece blankets and / or patio heaters or a campfire. This way your guests stay warm. An OFYR is also possible. You can use this firepit perfectly to prepare delicious dishes, but it is also a great heat source.

Top decoration

While often flowers are being used to decorate your venue during summer weddings, a winter wedding may offer more possibilities for decorating. Are you choosing for a classic winter wonder wedding or a real Christmas wedding? Your choice. In advance , ask whether the owner of your location has decoration items available. This way you may save some money.


Via Pinterest you can get numerous ideas and create your own mood board. Determine some central colors, such as red, green, white, silver, or gold. You can have these colors matching in the bridal bouquet as well as in the table arrangement (and the Christmas pieces). For the decoration itself, you can easily make use of a few natural elements such as pine cones, fir branches, cinnamon sticks or amaryllis. In addition you can use fake snow, lights and (even more) candles as well.

Wedding table winter Decor
Decorating the wedding table in winter theme

Buffet with a winter touch

Whether you choose a buffet or a five-course menu. You can definitely add a wintry touch. Except for champagne or fruit juice, you can offer guests a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate with whipped cream. Also, it doesn't have to be a typical dessert buffet. You can easily supplement it with little warm Liege waffles or a (hot) chocolate station.

Getting married during winter is cheaper

Believe it or not, getting married in the winter will save you money. At least when it comes to the wedding location. The summer months are the most popular months to get married when venue renters will increase their prices. Fewer people are looking for wedding locations during winter and that makes it cheaper. Please note: if you get married at the end of December or the beginning of January, the price will not differ that much. During these days Christmas and New Year will be celebrated. 

Beautiful wedding photos in a winter setting

With a little luck, you can count on a winter backdrop for your wedding photos. The result is still so beautiful. But don't forget that days are shorter during winter. This means less time for your couple shoot. Good planning is important.

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