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photography Checklist

Give your wedding photographer this wedding photography checklist. This way you have all the best moments to look back on your wedding day!

Wedding photography checklist: The pictures you absolutely need to have from your wedding

Organizing your wedding is both fun and demanding. There is quite a lot to take into account and finding a perfect photographer is one of those many tasks to do before you say I do.

Before you book a photographer you need to think about what kind of pictures you actually want. Does the photographer need to arrive early in the morning for some behind the scenes "getting ready" shots of the bride? Or does he only need to be present for the official wedding and a wedding photo shoot?

This is where a wedding photography checklist comes in handy. Just like a wedding day planning overview this is a must have for you and for the wedding photographer of your choice. This way the wedding photographer knows exactly what kind of pictures are must-haves for the both of you.

At the bottom of this page you can download a detailed wedding photography checklist with all the big and small details to capture during your perfect wedding day.


Wedding photos can start as early as during the preparations: in the morning.

Yes, the day doesn't start when you enter the church, the ceremonial location or the townhall.
It actually starts in the morning when you get styled by a hairdresser and make-up artist, when you put on your wedding dress and when your close family sees you for the first time. I'm sure you want to capture these beautifull and emotional micro moments in the early hours of your special day.

Family pictures in the morning work beautiful as well. With good planning you can easilly fit in a few family pictures, portrets of the bridesmaids and cute ring bearer before you leave for the actual wedding ceremony.

Photographs of the preparations of your wedding day 

The first set of wedding photos is not taken when entering the church or ceremony hall. No, let the preparation, when the bride gets her hair and make-up done or when she puts on her wedding dress and the first family photos are taken, be part of the wedding photos.

And yes, also family photos. Although the nerves of the bridal couple, family and friends are high, if you plan well, the morning is the perfect timing to take a few more family photos. Pose with your parents, bridesmaids or witnesses for some beautiful portrait photos.

So let your wedding photographer come a little earlier. In that way, you can definitely check off the following items on your wedding photo checklist:

  1. The bride getting her hair and makeup done

  2. The wedding dress (on a coathanger)

  3. Close-up of the wedding dress and its details

  4. The bride getting dressed (closing the dress ...)

  5. Photo of the jewelry and shoes

  6. Putting on jewelry

  7. Putting on shoes

  8. The bride and her parents

  9. The bride with bridesmaids and / or female relatives / friends

  10. The groom with his parents

  11. The groom with friends

  12. The bride ready for departure

  13. The groom ready for departure

  14. The groom rings the bell at the (parental) home of the bride

  15. The moment the bridal couple sees each other for the first time

  16. The bridal bouquet

  17. Close-up of the bridal bouquet

Wedding photos during the ceremony

Once arrived where the bridal couple will officially answer “I do” , a number of important moments should yield beautiful wedding photos. Just think of the kiss or exchanging the rings. In addition, polishing them or the engraved names on the inside of the rings are perfect for a close-up.

In other words, a wedding day is something special and you will not easily repeat it with the same person. That is why a wedding photography checklist is so important. Later you’ll be able to look back on all these wonderful moments.

  1. Photo of an empty church, ceremony hall

  2. Photo of the guests

  3. The guests who come in

  4. Guests waiting for the bride

  5. Groom waiting for the bride

  6. Bride entering with her father

  7. The bride and groom at the ceremony

  8. The audience during the wedding ceremony

  9. The faces of the bridal couple during the promises

  10. The witnesses that come forward

  11. The ring bearer

  12. Exchanging the rings

  13. Close up of the rings

  14. The kiss

  15. The bridal couple leaving the church / ceremony hall / …

  16. The bridal couple being congratulated by family and friends

  17. Photo of the wedding car

  18. Bride and groom getting out of the wedding car

  19. Bride and groom in the wedding car

Wedding photos during the reception and dinner

Better check the items below on your wedding photo checklist and perhaps the first dance first. Nowadays newlyweds get much more original when performing their first dance, it can be a bit spicier or even choreographed. You wouldn't want to miss the dance moves of your new husband.

But before we start dancing, ask your photographer to take pictures of the freshly set tables, decorations or even the wedding dinner. You choose, of course, which of the following moments your wedding photographer should not forget.

1. Photo of the outside of the location where the reception, dinner and / or party takes place
2. Details of the reception hall such as guestbook, (table) decorations, champagne glasses
3. The guestbook
4. Guests who write in the guestbook
5. Bridal couple chatting with guests
6. The wedding presents
7. Guests at the wedding dinner
8. Speeches
9. The dinner, the different courses, the buffet
10. The dessert
11. The wedding cake
12. Cutting the wedding cake
13. Throwing the bridal bouquet
14. The first dance
15. The father-daughter dance
16. The mother-son dance
17. Guests dancing
18. Parents dancing
19. Children dancing / playing
20. Photo of the DJ, performances, ...

Download the wedding photography checklist here.

This way you will soon have the desired wedding photos on your own website or wedding album.


Wedding Checklist

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