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From wedding photographer to engagement ring: 10 things you should know as an engaged couple

10 things you need to know as an engaged couple

The first step, your engagement, has been taken. And of course a beautiful engagement ring - with diamond - couldn't be missing. Although you long to slide your wedding ring next to your engagement ring on your ring finger, you still have to wait a bit. We've listed 10 things you should know as an engaged couple.


The question your partner proposed with was probably: "Will you marry me?". And of course - without a doubt - you couldn't say no to your partner and that beautiful engagement ring. But before you get married, read the following 10 points so you won’t miss out on anything.

1. Choose one wedding photographer

When choosing a wedding photographer, couples often think about the wedding itself, but a wedding photographer comes into the picture way earlier. Hire a wedding photographer who is not only available on your wedding date, but also for taking photos for the save the date cards. This way you can gain some experience with this photographer and his or her way of working.

2. It's an informal event

You're engaged as soon as the engagement ring is on your ring finger and you've answered "yes". Fortunately, you don't have to worry about legal obligations for the time being, such as signing a marriage contract. There is only one thing that must be accomplished. Read this in point 7.

3. Venue determines the wedding date

Most couples often determine their wedding date based on the season, a special event, or because the date just looks good. Just like 02-02-2020 does. A golden tip is to first choose a venue/location and later the wedding date. You wouldn't want to send a secont time save the date cards, because your favorite wedding location wasn't available. Read more under point 10.

4. Where do I wear my engagement ring?

Just like your wedding ring, an engagement ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger of your left hand. But it doesn’t have to be this way. For example, you can choose to wear your wedding ring on your left ring finger and your engagement ring on your right ring finger, or vice versa.

5. An engagement lasts as long as you want

An engagement can last as long as you want. Of course, the wedding date can be postponed due to circumstances. For example, there are couples who get married years later. But engaged couples usually get married about two years after the marriage proposal.

6. Should I buy an engagement ring and wedding ring?

No, not at all. Some couples put their engagement ring on each other's ring fingers again on their wedding day. They will have their engagement and wedding dates engraved on the inside.

7. Inform yourself about the legal requirements

In Belgium, you are required to give at least two weeks before your wedding day a notice of marriage. We call this the marriage registration. You must prepare a number of papers for the declaration itself. Your ID and a copy of the birth certificate are two of them.
This will be different based on your country and region. Inform yourself with the local authorities on al the legal requirements you need to fulfill before your wedding day.

8.Don't procrastinate

You can wait as long as you want to get married once you are engaged. But once the save the date invitations are sent, things can go fast. Planning a wedding starts about a year in advance. So be on time to book your venue, DJ, wedding photographer, food and finding the perfect witnesses.

9. Make your own decisions

Parents and parents-in-law like to have their opinion on the organization of your wedding party. But make your own decisions. Ideas are always welcome, of course, but it's your day. If you had a specific location in mind where you want to get married, don’t let others make decisions for you.

10. Choose the right wedding date and save money

When the wedding location has been chosen, you can set a wedding date. If you have a tight budget in mind, you can even save money by choosing your wedding date. For example, some municipalities have days, usually weekdays, on which you can get married "for free". Of course, the marriage certificate must be paid. Also, If you choose to get married in a less popular month, just think of the winter months, you can save money on your wedding location. Many inflate their prices during the summer months when people are most likely to get married. So a winter wedding might be the perfect alternative for your budget. Learn here more about winter weddings.

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