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Wedding date is set, wedding party next?

Tips to plan your wedding party

Finally! Your boyfriend or girlfriend proposed and you answered wholeheartedly “yes”. While you'd probably prefer to spend some time on that pink cloud with your partner, planning your wedding party can't start early enough.


The wedding date is now officially set in the calendar. But apart from this, plenty of other things need to be done. Planning a wedding party may seem easy, it is easier said than done. Avoid unwanted surprises and take the following things into account.

1. Choose a wedding planner

Drawing up a schedule is the first step after setting your wedding date. You better start planning as soon as possible. Divide your schedule by month and make sure the to do's are completed by the end of the month. If you don't trust yourself, hiring a wedding planner may help. Okay, wedding planners cost money too, but at the same time they’re responsible for the organization and keeping track of deadlines. 

2. Set a wedding budget

On average, People in Belgium, spend over 30,000 euros on their wedding. That is quite a lot and therefore also a reason to determine a budget in advance. Keep a little extra aside if the costs turn out to be higher than expected. Nowadays, it’s also possible to get a loan to finance your wedding.

3. Create a mood board

Would you like to work according to a specific theme? If you need inspiration, you can easily create your own mood board on Pinterest. Of course, a personal touch on your wedding can't be missing.

Have a look at my personal Pinterest boards for more wedding inspiration.

4. Choosing your dream location

Who doesn't dream of a sunny location? Unfortunately, we can’t predict the weather. Keep this in mind when searching for a wedding location. A golden tip: Visit your wedding location in person, even if you marry outside your national borders. This way, you will be sure that the wedding location is large enough. Ask whether it is allowed to provide your own catering and whether the location is easily accessible. Prices may differ depending on the month and season in which the wedding takes place. For example, summer months like July and August are more popular and therefore more expensive compared to winter months like January and February.

Tips en tricks om je trouwceremonie te plannen

5. Make a "first" guest list 

After sending save the date cards and determining the budget, drawing up a guest list is important. Chances are, you will need to make adjustments when your wedding day is coming closer. Also, do not determine your choice based on the preferences of your parents (in-law) when putting together your guest list. An aunt that you haven't seen in years may not be a priority. Moreover, an extra guest entails additional costs. Make sure you know the correct number of guests, so you can adjust the catering and table setting.

6. Send save the date cards

A save the date is actually a “first” invitation to ask invitees to keep this date available. Don’t forget to mention your names, address, wedding date and perhaps a location. Sending save the date cards are becoming more popular and are necessary for most couples. You wouldn't want one of your witnesses to be absent due to a planned holiday. Send the actual wedding invitations later.

7. What's on the menu?

It doesn't have to be a five-course menu, if you prefer some trendy food trucks. The cherry on top is the wedding cake. Also, check whether service is included and whether drinks and food are charged per guest.

8. Let the party start

Music is essential during both the ceremony and the evening party. Do you opt for a DJ or a live band? The choice is yours!
With this link you can already find some inspiration for your wedding party music.

9. Book your wedding photographer

A wedding photographer is often fully booked a few months in advance. Make sure your favorite wedding photographer is available during your wedding day and contact him or her in time. The best time to do so is when you signed your contract with the wedding venue and therefore have a fixed wedding date.
With this handy wedding photo checklist, you determine which moments he or she should capture on camera.

10. Draw up a wedding script

Even if you’re not using a wedding planner, a wedding script is perfect to ensure that everything runs smoothly. A wedding day script is basically an hourly overview of your wedding day planning: what, where, how and when? Preferably, add contact details of suppliers, etc. In the first place, a script is a guideline for you. Of course, you want to enjoy your day, so leave this responsibility to your wedding planner, master of ceremony or a witness.

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