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Zion National Park - Sunbathing Mountaintops

This national park has been on the top of my list of unique places to visit. Visiting it during wintertime limited me a bit as not all hikes were accessible during this season.

Luckily for me this gave me an opportunity to create some unique photographs of Zion national park. The winter sun actually made it easier to take pictures as the light is softer and the contrast between sunbathing mountaintops and the shadows in the valley isn't as harsh as it is during the summer.

Zion national park view on the mountains

Hiking the ice covered steep slopes was challenging but so worth it. Ok, I did slip a few times which was absolutely scary considering I was walking next to steep cliffs, but I was even more worried about the possibility that I would slip and break my camera :)

I stayed here for two days to make sure I could capture the sunrise and sunset from different angles. And to have enough time to go to all corners of Zion national park.

Dive into the photographs and click the images to see them in full screen mode.


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